Thanks to the over 8000 people that in just eight days have signed the petition to the Minister Balduzzi. Thanks to the 53,000 citizens who are giving their support through facebook. Thanks to those who will do so in the next days.

Thanks to the doctors and to companies that have promoted to the authorities the requests contained in the petition.
Thanks to the Parliament Social Affairs Committee's proposal to reduce the annual cost of the homeopathic medicines files management to 20% of the conventional medicines files.
Thanks to AIFA, who declared during a conference organized by the APO (Homeopathic Patients Association), that the remedies in small amounts are not subject to this compelling rule. We look forward to an AIFA circular letter to be distributed to doctors, companies and patients.
Yesterday began at the Chamber of Deputies the general debate on the decree. The speakers presented the set of measures, even though they did not made any mention to homeopathic medicinal products.
Over 350 amendments were presented for the whole measure . Some of these relate to Homeopathic small remedies. It is however possible that they will not be discussed, (information coming from some press agency launches),since it seems the government will present a single maxi-amendment to ask the Parliament for a vote of confidence.
We confidently await, continuing to sign the petition, with the hope that our demands will be accepted. Even in a possible maxi-amendment.